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MVA awarded with Cluster Organization Label Gold

Medicon Valley Alliance has been awarded with ESCA’s quality label GOLD.

ESCA has announced that Medicon Valley Alliance has gained 95 % of the cluster management excellence score and consequently has been awarded with the quality label GOLD.

The overall assessment among other things points to the high commitment and level of professionalism and ambition of the secretariat and management team. The recommendations include and “increased emphasis on the development of tangible projects that translate the ideas formulated in the beacon papers into reality”, and the evaluation suggest the “need for a discussion of the strategic orientation and work focus among cluster management, cluster participants and policy stakeholders in the region.” ESCA conducted the assessment from Q1 2014 to Q12015.

“Obviously MVA is honored by the positive evaluation and we are very pleased indeed to have received the rarely awarded GOLD-label. It proves that we have a good point of departure for our ongoing effort to strengthen Medicon Valley.” Chair of the board of MVA, Søren Bregenholt says.

As regards the specific recommendation for future improvement, they are warmly welcomed, and in fact, the board and secretariat are already in the process of addressing the most urgent issues.

“Just a few months ago, MVA actually facilitated the very important and very tangible regional € 14.7 million ReproUnion project on infertility. We are also currently in the process of updating, redrafting and refocusing MVA´s strategy, vision and mission in order to better align it with the needs of tomorrow, and this work will be concluded during the next couple of months” Søren Bregenholt says.


Source: MVA