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My Nordic Corner: Odense

Thomas Kofoed, co-founder and CEO of Alphalyse, describes the life science environment in Odense and shares his favorite spots.

Describe the vibe in Odense for a company like yours!

“There is a very close relationship between the university/the university hospital and the industry. A lot of students and development projects are performed between academia and industry.”


What are Odense’s greatest challenges when it comes to developing a life science company, and how can these be improved?

“The major challenge is related to the critical mass of companies. It is getting better though, with more successful biotechnology companies and now also with the establishment of Novo in the Odense area.”


Thomas Kofoed together with his colleagues at Alphalyse.


When you recruit new staff, is it easy to find the right competencies in Odense?

“For some expertise it is easy, for others it is difficult. We have no problem finding staff with knowledge about mass spectrometry, but it is difficult to find expertise within drug development.”

What’s next in Alphalyse’s journey?

“We hope to have the first service provided for a marketed product in 2024.”

Besides your company, what’s your favorite spot in Odense?

“My favorite spot is Munke Mose and the path going to Skovsøen along Zoo.”



Facts: 5 x Alphalyse

– Founded in 2002 as a subsidiary of ACE Biosciences.
– In 2005, Thomas Kofoed and Ejvind Mørtz took over the company in a management buyout.
– Specialized in customized analyses for the advanced characterization of biopharmaceuticals, including HCP analysis.
– Has today used the method on 400+ client projects.
– Since March 2022, the company has offered HCP analysis under GMP conditions, becoming the first laboratory in the world to do this.


Featured image: Munke Mose Park in Odense. When you go for a walk in this park, you will also spot some of Odense’s many beautiful sculptures, like The Wild Swans, The Little Mermaid and The Seahorse.