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My Nordic Corner: Trondheim

Trond Erik Aune, CEO of Vectron Biosolutions, describes the life science environment in Trondheim and shares his favorite spots.

Describe the vibe in Trondheim for a company like yours!

“In general, Trondheim is a great place to be an entrepreneur in a science-based company, with very strong academic organizations like NTNU [the Norwegian University of Science and Technology], Sintef and St. Olavs Hospital in the immediate vicinity, but the lack of existing biotech and life science companies, and investors with experience from this particular industry, is stifling to start-ups in this particular segment.”

In general, Trondheim is a great place to be an entrepreneur in a science-based company.”

What are Trondheim’s greatest challenges when it comes to developing a life science company, and how can these be improved?

“Lack of an existing life science ecosystem where life science startups have access to an experienced work pool and competent money.”

When you recruit new staff, is it easy to find the right competencies in Trondheim?

“When we hire scientists it is quite easy because of the lack of competition and the great number of relevant scientists being educated from our academic institutions. When we hire non-scientists it can be difficult, at least if we look for people with previous experience from the life science business.”


Team Vectron Biosolutions. Photo: Javad Montazeri


What’s next in the Vectron Biosolutions journey?

“Continued growth and great news regarding our VB Secretion technology that is in development!”

Besides your company, what’s your favorite spot in Trondheim?

“Bymarka, the adjacent outdoors area which is great for exercise, hiking and mushroom picking. I also have a soft spot for Solsiden, a commercial area/mall with many nice restaurants and bars.”


Facts: 5 x Vectron Biosolutions

– Founded in 2008 as a result of research in Professor Svein Valla’s group at NTNU.

– The core technology is a platform for production of recombinant proteins that can be used for higher protein production levels at lower costs and increased solubility.

– In 2021 the company acquired its microbial secretion technology developed by Professor Kelly Hughes at the University of Utah.

– The company’s 3 technologies today are VB Expression, VB Evolution and VB Secretion.

– In 2022, Sartorius Korea Biotech became Vectron’s exclusive agent in the Republic of Korea.


Featured image of Geitfjellet mountain seen from Gråkallen. Credit: Havardtl /Wikipedia