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Nanoform awarded GMP certification

Nanoform GMP site

Nanoform Finland Plc has been awarded a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification by the Finnish Medicines Agency, FIMEA.

Achieving GMP status permits Nanoform to manufacture an investigational drug, developed using its proprietary CESS nanoparticle engineering platform, for use in clinical trials.

A very important milestone

The GMP certification represents a very important milestone for Nanoform as it continues to increase the commercial reach of its CESS technology, which reduces the size of API particles to less than 200nm to improve dissolution rates and bioavailability.

“Achieving GMP status constitutes another landmark moment in Nanoform’s history. This facility represents the first GMP nanoforming capability in the world, and we look forward to supporting an increasing number of clients with their drug development projects and providing patients with faster access to life-changing treatments,” says Edward Hæggström, Nanoform CEO.

Photo of Nanoform’s GMP clinical manufacturing site