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Nanologica, GSK collaborate


Nanologica has signed a Services Agreement with GSK to apply its expertise in nanoporous materials and customized drug delivery systems to advance the development of new technology platforms for early stage development projects.
”We are excited about the collaboration with GSK. This is an early, but interesting project with the possibility to unlock new approaches to personalized medicine. It is a great opportunity for Nanologica to contribute to this field,” says Nanologica’s CEO Andreas Bhagwani.

This paid development project is in line with Nanologica’s strategy in the business area Drug Delivery. The business model in Drug Delivery is based on having many different projects in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to apply Nanologica’s proprietary technology to real problems of drug developers. Nanologica is increasingly seeking projects where potentially more value can be created, as this agreement illustrates.
“The healthcare industry is showing growing interest in Nanologica’s technology, which for us is good evidence that we are on the right track. Our goal is to be the world-wide expert in porous silica-based materials for life science applications,” says Andreas Bhagwani.

Early projects can be the starting point of long-term collaborations, but can also be limited to the initial scope and timeline. Nanologica is constantly evaluating new project proposals with the goal to identify opportunities to apply and commercialize its drug delivery systems.