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Nanologica’s patent issued in the US


The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the company’s patent titled ”Improved method for stem cell differentiation in vivo by delivery of morphogenes with mesoporous silica and corresponding pharmaceutical active ingredients”.

The patent protects Nanologica’s technology platform for the delivery of growth factors for stem cell based therapy and provides evidence of successful translation from in vitro to in vivo for regeneration, long term survival and differentiation of motor neurons when combined with growth factors, reports the company.

”This patent is a milestone for Nanologica and it is pleasing to have validation and patent protection of our platform technology utilized for delivery of biological molecules relevant for such an important medical need. The patent is part of our strategic work of building a strong patent portfolio for clinically relevant applications”, says Adam Feiler, CTO of Nanologica.

”These are early studies but it confirms Nanologica’s platform as being safe, easy to use and giving robust results for in vivo delivery which is a perfect complement to my research area of stem cell regeneration and neurodegenerative diseases,” says Professor Elena N. Kozlova, who conducted the study at Uppsala University Biomedical Center.

Nanologica is pursuing several projects with strong commercial potential where this delivery platform is featured. The American patent will be valid until 2031 with the possibility for a prolongation of five years.