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Network meeting for Nordic life science

Decision makers from the life science sector met for networking, partnering and discussions at the Nordic Life Science Days at Stockholm Waterfront.

Nordic Life Science Days began on Sunday September 7. Monday the 8th, the second day of the conference, and Tuesday the 9th, were filled with company presentations, face-to-face meetings and various sessions. There was also a panel discussion where the future and problems within the life science industry in the Nordic countries were the discussed. Themes such as financing and personalized medicine were also brought up.

In conjunction with the Nordic Life Science Days, a report was published by Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science, Stockholm Science City and Uppsala BIO, showing that the Stockholm-Uppsala life science hub is in good health. The 350 start-up and SME companies with less than 50 employees show a steady increase year on year, amounting to 32% from 2007 to 2012, shows the report.

Also, during the event three life science companies were rewarded at the Nordic Stars Awards 2014, which ended the conference. This year’s winners, chosen by the organizers of Nordic Life Science Days, were Bone Index, Lytix Biopharma and PledPharma.

This is the second year in a row that the conference was organized. This year, the Nordic Life Science Days conference, in close cooperation with Oslo Cancer Cluster and Toulouse Cancer-Bio-Santé Cluster, integrated the European Cancer Cluster Partnering conference (ECCP 2014) as its Special Oncology track. The event, hosted by the Swedish life science industry organization SwedenBIO, is the largest Nordic partnering conference for the global life science industry. The conference goal is to bring together the best talent in life science, offering networking and partnering opportunities, providing input and content in the most recent trends.