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New issue of the Nordic Life Science magazine

Cover NLS 03 2017

Our latest issue of the magazine Nordic Life Science 03 2017 is out now.

In this issue you will meet several industry profiles. A striking feature of entrepreneurs today is social responsibility and Hans Genee and Andreas Laustsen, two of Denmark’s third-generation biotech entrepreneurs say, “When you make a discovery that could make a difference in the world, you have an obligation to bring it to society.” We have also spoken to Habib Frost, Denmark’s youngest medical doctor, who founded a medtech company based on his hopelessness when he could not help two young people from dying of cardiac arrest.

Then of course, in order go from lab bench to a finished product and create jobs and profit you need the right business strategy. Saeid Esmaeilzadeh and Ashkan Pouya, two of Sweden’s most successful life science serial entrepreneurs, share their journey, from discoveries made through serendipity and a lot of focused and hard work.

One of the most common mistakes when building a business is being too optimistic about sales and reaching breakeven. Tanja Dowe, the Head of Debiopharm Innovation Fund, shares her important advice.

In addition, this 100-page issue gives you an overview of the life science activities in five Nordic cities, each with a very unique and special niche, insights into what it is like to be an industrial PhD student, packaging challenges with tamper verification and as always, the latest news from the last quarter!

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