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New issue of the Nordic Life Science magazine

Cover NLS 04 2017

Our latest issue of the magazine Nordic Life Science, No 04 2017, is out now.

Our profile in this issue, Karin Hehenberger, medical doctor, scientist and entrepreneur, has, while struggling with diabetes herself, dedicated her time and energy to spreading the word about patient empowerment. The core concept of her company Lyfebulb is showcased through patient entrepreneurs who develop new technologies and solutions to manage disease and improve quality of life.

Another important aspect of successful future healthcare is having better diagnostics tools to be able to personalize and prevent the need for care, something Lao Saal has dedicated his career to. Surviving an episode of cancer as a teenager set him on a path to seek out better ways to detect, monitor and treat the deadly cells. His company, SAGA Diagnostics, applies ultrasensitive technologies for measuring circulating tumor DNA in order to help steer cancer therapies and monitor their effectiveness. Read more about his experience of starting a company from scratch and his aim to bring new techniques to patients to benefit them more quickly.

In addition, we give you a taste of life science strengths in four Nordic cities; Odense, Trondheim, Gothenburg and Turku, the latest research news on chocolate (!), an overview of the Nordic capital landscape, an in-depth story on public-private partnerships addressing antibiotic resistance, and much more!

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