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New Project Manager at LIDDS

Erwin Brenndörfer

Erwin Brenndörfer has joined LIDDS as Project Manager Translational Medicine.

Erwin will be responsible for managing LIDDS portfolio of pre-clinical studies as well as continuing the development of the NanoZolid technology and identifying new drugs that can be combined with NanoZolid.

An Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases

Erwin Brenndörfer has extensive experience in managing pre-clinical oncology studies gained during his time as a project leader for pre-clinical drug development at Medivir. Erwin will be working in the pre-clinial R&D team led by Martin Johansson. Erwin has a PhD from Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany, and after completing his studies Erwin worked at Karolinska Institutet where he was an Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases.

“We are very excited that Erwin has joined the LIDDS team. Our growing portfolio of pre-clinical projects means we also need to continue to grow and strengthen our organization. Erwin’s experience and expertise are a great fit for LIDDS and he is a valuable addition to the LIDDS team,” says Monica Wallter, CEO of LIDDS.

Published more than 20 times in scientific publications

“LIDDS is an exciting company with a great team of people. I see a lot of potential in the NanoZolid technology and I’m looking forward to using my skills and expertise to further develop LIDDS and the NanoZolid technology,” says Erwin Brenndörfer.

Erwin has been published more than 20 times in scientific publications, mainly on the Hepatitis C virus, and has been a frequent speaker at scientific conferences.