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New project to develop intelligent walker

Researchers at Umeå University and Norrlands University hospital are working on an intelligent wheeled walker, in a new science project.

The aim is to reduce tripping and falling accidents by inventing a walker which can turn away from obstacles and prevent people from accidentally going down the curb. The technical solutions the researchers propose includes an atomized detection of furniture, walls, pits and curbs, in addition to an autopilot which controls the direction via electric brakes. The hope is that the project results in prototypes and user tests, which should function as the foundation for a future commercialization of the product idea. The researchers also want to increase the awareness regarding this type of advanced technical walking aids.

The project is a collaboration between the institution for computer science and two research groups at  Norrlands University Hospital ; CMTS Center for medical technology and Radiation Physics, and Umeå Stroke Center (STR). The one year project have received a grant on 1.9 million SEK from the he Kamprad family foundation.

Photo: Kenji Claesson