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New ultrasound scanner from GE Vingmed

vivid e95

The medical imaging technology company has launched a new ultrasound system that can capture the heart beating in extreme 4D.

Vivid E95 offer more detailed images of the organ than conventional ultrasound and can capture the heart in 3D life-like dimension in real time (4D)

“It`s like opening the chest and seeing the heart beating,” cardiologist Bijoy Khandheria at Wisconsin`s Aurora Luke`s medical Centre says in a GE press release.

The system can provide more accurate diagnoses of heart conditions, and reduce the need for costly additional testing.

“One of the main problems in ultrasound heart scanning is low image quality on some patients, this could be due to obesity, smoking, tight ribs etc. With Vivid E95 we wanted to drastically reduce the number of patients where we couldn`t provide an accurate diagnosis,” says Sætre.
The company has traditionally been focused on hardware but made a strategic shift about five years ago, meaning less focus on proprietary electronic, using more off the shelf electronics instead pouring more resources into software and algorithm development. As a result they have developed a new software platform serving as an engine in the Vivid E95, cSound. The new platform will form the basis for future products from GE Vingmed.

“With this platform we can increase our rate of innovation substantially and it also makes it easier for us to experiment with new ideas while in the middle of a new development process. In the past, with our proprietary electronics, this process would take 3 to 4 years, now it is reduced to 6 months,” says Sætre.
Sales are ongoing and the Vivid E95 is currently installed in tens of locations at Norwegian hospitals.

Source: Oslo Medtech