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NNF awards 123 million DKK for establishing Steno Diabetes Center Faroe Islands

The center will be the seventh specialized diabetes centre supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

A Steno Diabetes Center has been established in each of the five administrative regions in Denmark and one in Greenland, and now all the Danish realm is covered. They aim to ensure that people with diabetes have access to the best research-based treatment and disease prevention.

A long-term collaboration

The Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Ministry of Health of the Faroe Islands, Heilsumálaráðiráð, have entered into a long-term collaboration that will strengthen treatment of and research into diabetes and other endocrine disorders in the Faroe Islands. The Foundation has awarded DKK 123 million to the Government of the Faroe Islands to implement the initiative over a 10-year period. The agreement also includes the establishment of a Steno Diabetes Center Faroe Islands (Steno Miðstøðin).


“The establishment of the Steno Diabetes Center Faroe Islands is a major step forward and will guarantee continued development of treatment, cross-sector collaboration and research within diabetes and endocrinology in the Faroe Islands,” says Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen, Minister of Health, Faroe Islands.

Steno Diabetes Center Faroe Islands will be located at the National Hospital of the Faroe Islands in Torshavn but will support treatment widely throughout the Faroe Islands.

Strengthening research efforts and offer treatments

The center will emphasize strengthening research efforts in the Faroe Islands and will offer treatment for people with diabetes and other endocrine disorders that is tailored to each individual’s needs and symptoms. Likewise, the center will focus on strengthening the cross-sectoral education of people with diabetes and their relatives and developing the competencies of healthcare professionals. These measures are expected to ensure more unified and better-coordinated treatment plans across sectors, a more uniform and higher quality of treatment and more targeted and coordinated training, states NNF.

Photo of Torshavn, Faroe Islands: iStock