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NNF awards 128 MDKK for an innovation platform at university hospitals

The BioInnovation Institute

The project aims to ensure that even more research results are converted into new therapies or products that can be rapidly disseminated in the healthcare system to benefit patients, employees and society, to better equip the healthcare system to meet the challenges of the future.

Innovation should be a fully integrated part of Denmark’s healthcare system, both in cultural and operational terms, and researchers should find it worthwhile to pursue the development of new methods and solutions for improving patient care. This is the vision for a 5-year pilot project to be run by innovation centres at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen and Aarhus University Hospital and with local innovation employees at Aalborg and Odense University Hospitals.

“With this investment, the Novo Nordisk Foundation wants to contribute to developing a healthcare innovation infrastructure and to deliver world-class research in Denmark to benefit patients. In Denmark, we carry out clinical research of the highest international calibre, but we have an opportunity to channel more research results into specific products and therapies. Our ambition is to catalyse an untapped potential by removing some of the current barriers to clinical innovation, thereby delivering many more new solutions to benefit patients, much faster than today,” says Mikkel Skovborg, Senior Vice President, Innovation, Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Annual grants for clinicians and researchers

The initiative targets clinicians and researchers based in Denmark and will raise the level and speed of the journey from developing ideas to implementation. Through funds allocated to annual grants, clinicians and researchers will be able to apply for money for developing prototypes, validation and business development.

The projects will be assessed based on their ability to be realized, the likelihood of implementation, the potential for expansion and upscaling and the extent to which the projects create value for patients.

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Launched in February 2022

The pilot project will be launched in February 2022. In addition to the grant programme, the initiative will include an innovation academy that will offer courses and training in innovation tools. Researchers and clinicians will be equipped to understand and analyse market potential and global scaling opportunities.

The projects awarded a grant will be provided with financial support, resources and networks within innovation and business and technology development. The steering groups for the two innovation centres at Aarhus University Hospital and Rigshospitalet will comprise private and public profiles with experience in innovation and implementation.

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Photo: BII/NNF