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NNF expands its innovation grants to applicants from any Nordic country

Until 2021, only researchers based in Denmark were eligible to receive the Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF)’s grants under the Distinguished Innovator programme, but from 2022 researchers in any Nordic country (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) are eligible.

These grants support research within life science and aim to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship at universities by providing the senior researchers the time and opportunity to explore whether a research discovery has commercial potential that can benefit patients and/or society.

Up to 6 million DKK

The NNF awards grants under the Distinguished Innovator programme of up to 6 million DKK over a 3-year period. In addition to financial support, the grant recipients receive scientific support during the project period that is decisive to ensure success in developing the project, including assistance from experts in legal services, entrepreneurship and innovation.


March 9 deadline

The application round is open, and the deadline is 9 March 2022. A total of DKK 60 million is available for these grants in 2022.

“Especially focus on projects within industrial biotechnology and medical technology.”

In 2022, the grant will still support research within life science, but will especially focus on projects within industrial biotechnology and medical technology.

Pioneer Innovator Grant

In addition to the Distinguished Innovator grants, the Foundation is awarding up to DKK 1 million for Pioneer Innovator grants. These are for faculty members, researchers and students employed at a university, hospital or other knowledge institution in the Nordic countries and aim to give researchers the opportunity to apply for grants for their life science innovation projects. The application deadline for these grants is also 9 March 2022.

 Source: The Novo Nordisk Foundation. Photo: iStock