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No preliminary investigation on Active Biotech

In the end of February Active Biotech was reported to the Swedish Economic Crime Authority, which has now decided not to precede with a preliminary investigation.

The complaint to the Swedish Economic Crime Authority came from the organization INDEIN (Investigation Development for Investors). As reported in the web edition of the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan Active Biotech had according to the complaint deluded the market by remaining silent about the risks with the drug and in their communication claimed that it would be a successful business.

According to a statement from the Swedish Economic Crime Authority a pre-investigation has been made in collaboration with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and on March 27 the Swedish Economic Crime Authority announced that no preliminary investigation would be started. According to the authority, is that there is no reason to assume that a crime that is under prosecution has been committed. “There must be a reason to assume that a crime has been committed and there isn’t one here and that’s why we have decided not to initiate a preliminary investigation,” said Martin Tidén, Chief Prosecutor at the Swedish Economic Crime Authority.