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Nordic Nanovector announces EU patent granted

Nordic Nanovector

Nordic Nanovector has announced the grant of an EU patent covering the use of Alpha37 for the treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL).

Alpha37 is an investigational radioimmunoconjugate developed by Nordic Nanovector in collaboration with Orano Med comprising a proprietary chimeric CD37-targeting antibody conjugated to the alpha-particle generating radionuclide lead-212.


Alpha37 has completed preclinical development, during which it demonstrated promising immunogenicity, biodistribution and targeted tumour-cell killing results in preclinical lymphoma and leukaemia models. Preclinical data presented at international cancer congresses during the past year have shown that a single injection of Alpha37 is well-tolerated and produces a promising anti-cancer effect and subsequent improvement on survival in preclinical models of CD37-positive CLL and NHL.

Active until 2032

“We are pleased to receive this patent protection for Alpha37 in the European Union. We view Alpha37 as a complementary candidate to Betalutin based on its differentiated therapeutic profile and potential to treat CLL and NHL. Our preclinical Alpha37 programme represent a pipeline asset that leverages our strong expertise in radioimmunoconjugates,” says Jostein Dahle, CSO of Nordic Nanovector.

EU patent no. 3272364, which is entitled “Chimeric Therapeutic Antibodies” will be active until 2032 with the option of prolonging for five 5 additional years.