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The Nordic Stars 2015

Nordic Stars Award 2015

The three Nordic life science companies AMRA, BerGenBio and Nexstim was yesterday announced as the recipients of the Nordic Stars 2015 Award.

The Nordic Star Award was presented at the conclusion of the Nordic Life Science Days in Stockholm. The Award was introduced in 2013 in special recognition of life science companies in the Nordic region demonstrating outstanding innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

“This year’s winners of the Nordic Stars Award are clearly future-oriented and committed to working in new ways to bring Medical innovations to patients. They are both role models for others and an example of the innovation capacity in the life sciences in the Nordic countries,” said Jonas Ekstrand, Director general at SwedenBIO.

AMRA, BerGenBio & Nexstim

This year’s winners of the Nordic Star Award got the following descriptions:

AMRA: Swedish AMRA’s exciting technology that transforms MRI images into body composition measurements provides a solid basis for precision medicine approaches in the area of metabolic diseases. With innovative collaborations AMRA shows how the combination of technology and cutting edge management brings new knowledge to the World.

BerGenBio: Norwegian BerGenBio’s commitment to develop companion diagnostics and first-in-class drugs targeting the cellular processes that make cancer cells immune-evasive, drug-resistant and metastatic is a great example of what the future might hold. With focus on ground-breaking therapies and precision medicine, the company is a leading example and a Nordic star.

Nexstim: Norwegian Nexstim’s development and commercialization of a non-invasive technology to monitor and modulate brain function provides a good example of how innovative combination of new and established treatment modalities could add significant value to patients. Nexstim’s strategic management shows how to step by step bring an innovation to the market.

Photo: Tommy Johansson, CEO Amra (left), Richard Godfrey, CEO Bergenbio (centre), Mikko Karvinen, CFO Nexstim (right).

Photographer: Camille Sonally