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Novo Nordisk invests more than DKK 42 billion in manufacturing facilities

The company has announced plans to expand existing manufacturing facilities in Kalundborg, Denmark, for the current and future product portfolio within serious chronic diseases.

The investment comes as Novo Nordisk marks the 100th anniversary of its founding in Denmark, where more than 23,000 employees still work today. Most of these employees work at production sites.


The investment will create additional capacity across the entire global value chain from manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to packaging, with the vast majority invested in API capacity, states the company. The new API facility will be designed as a multi-product facility, with flexibility to accommodate current and future processes. The investment, which includes GLP-1 products, will increase Novo Nordisk’s ability to meet future market demands, it states.


“The significant investment announced today confirms the importance of utilizing our existing sites, including in Denmark, as cornerstones for not only the growth we see but also to expand as fast as possible by utilising all the infrastructure, knowledge and competences we already have,” says Henrik Wulff, executive vice president, Product Supply, Quality & IT, Novo Nordisk. “Our continued investment in global capacity demonstrates the belief we have in our current and future product portfolio and its relevance for people living with serious chronic diseases.”

The new facility

The new API facility will have a footprint of 170,000 m2. It will be designed as a multi-product facility with flexibility to accommodate future processes and displaying technology and working environment.

The projects are expected to create 8003 new jobs in the facilities when construction is completed.”

The construction projects will be finalized gradually from the end of 2025 through 2029. The projects are expected to create 8003 new jobs in the facilities when construction is completed, and the facilities are fully equipped. During the construction phase, up to 3,000 external employees will be employed.

Over the past two years, Novo Nordisk has announced 40 billion Danish kroner in production investments in Denmark. Novo Nordisk has also added approximately 1,100 employees in production related to these investments, it states. Earlier this year, Novo Nordisk confirmed that it awaits approvals for a new production site on Funen, Denmark.

Photo of Kalundborg, Denmark: Novo Nordisk