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Oasmia enrolls first patient in Docecal study


Oasmia Pharmaceutical, a developer of drugs within human and veterinary oncology, announces that the first patient has been enrolled in the Phase I clinical study of the company’s cancer treatment candidate Docecal, to be performed internationally. Docecal was approved for clinical trials in December, 2015.

Docecal is a nanoparticle and water-soluble formulation of docetaxel, one of the most commonly used anti-cancer substances in oncology today, in combination with the Company’s patented technology XR17. A standard treatment for multiple cancers including prostate, breast, lung and stomach, docetaxel is the most active substance in the cytostatic Taxotere®, marketed by the global healthcare provider Sanofi-Aventis. Prior to the patent expiration in 2010, Sanofi-Aventis executed $3 billion in Taxotere sales 2009. Taxotere has continued to perform well.