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Oasmia enters collaboration with Karolinska Institutet

Francois Martelet

The collaboration will generate new information aiming at the development of new therapeutic APIs.

The XR-17 platform technology enhances intravenous delivery of established and novel drugs in diseases including cancer, according to Oasmia. The collaboration will include a review of data and experimental methods to gain a deeper understanding of XR-17 and API formulations in cancer indications with a focus on ovarian carcinoma. This will be followed by an experimental planning phase, which aims to test formulations in suitable systems to generate hypotheses for subsequent evaluation.

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“XR-17’s potential to improve drug solubility has been demonstrated by the approval of Apealea for ovarian cancer in Europe, with a second investigational product preparing to enter clinical studies in Switzerland this year. Our collaboration with Prof. Rolf Lewensohn and his team at the Department of Oncology-Pathology may lead to the identification of additional applications for the technology and the development of new therapeutics to benefit cancer and other patients,” says François Martelet, Chief Executive Officer of Oasmia.

Photo of Francois Martelet: Oasmia