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Oasmia receives market approval in Russia


Oasmia Pharmaceutical has received marketing approval of Doxophos in Russia.

The company marks this as a key milestone following the recently established relationship with Hetero Group, its new marketing and distribution partner.

Doxophos has been approved for use in the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, acute myeloblastic leukemia, chronic leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, multiple myeloma, osteogenic sarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, soft tissue sarcoma, neuroblastoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, Wilms’ tumor, breast carcinoma, endometrial cancer, ovarian carcinoma, germ cell tumors, prostatic carcinoma, lung cancer, gastric carcinoma, head and neck cancer and thyroid carcinoma.

Doxophos is a hybrid and novel nanoparticle formulation of doxorubicin, one of the most commonly used anti-cancer substances in the world, well-recognized for its treatment of lung, breast and prostate cancer, among others. Doxorubicin is the active substance in the prominent oncology family of brands including Adriamycin and Doxil, totaling an estimated market value of $800 million USD in 2015 and expected to reach $1.4 billion by 2024.

As is its current practice with Paclical, Oasmia’s previously commercialized cancer treatment product, Hetero Group will be responsible for the marketing and distribution of Doxophos in Russia.

“We are pleased that we were able to follow through on our previously stated objective of commercializing Doxophos, a product that we believe represents important high growth market opportunity, in Russia” said Julian Aleksov, Executive Chairman of Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB. ”We are also confident that this product will add significant value to the marketing and distribution efforts of Hetero, our new partner with whom we look forward to work in these regions and presumably others in the future.”