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Oasmia in research agreement

Swedish pharmaceutical company Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB has announced that a research agreement has been signed between Oasmia and a global pharmaceutical company.

The agreement relates to the use of Oasmia’s patented nanoparticle formulation technology XR-17. The full terms of the agreement have not been disclosed at this point in time.

Oasmia will initially perform tests to investigate the possibility of making a solid formulation with the partner’s specified compound in combination with XR-17. XR-17 has been proven in several pre-clinical and clinical studies to make single or multiple APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) water-soluble. If the results of these tests are considered promising according to the terms of the agreement, further development work will continue in collaboration with the partner at their research facilities.


“The agreement we have signed today is indeed a validation of the XR-17 technology, which has always been, and continues to be, the heart and soul of Oasmia’s research and development. Since the inception of this company 15 years ago, we have steadily built a portfolio of potential oncology treatments using the XR-17 technology, with the aim to produce better, safer drugs. With this agreement, we have the opportunity not only to develop additional products within our portfolio but also to add a third leg to our business model apart from our existing human and veterinarian oncology products”, commented Julian Aleksov, CEO of Oasmia.