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Omnio appoints new CEO

Ulrika Norin

Omnio has appointed Ulrika Norin, who has a long history of working with drug development startups, as its new CEO.

“I am excited look forward to being a part of Omnio’s team. We have made significant progress in finding identifying ways to help difficulthard-to-treat heal patients with their chronic wounds. Our work feels rewarding and important,” says Ulrika Norin.

Ulrika Norin

Ulrika Norin has previously worked with various startups in the field of immuno-oncology, where she managed several development projects.

“For most of my professional life I have led various research projects exploring the adaptive immune systemity in order to understand how specific genes and signaling pathways affect the immune system response. So in this way my background complements Omnio’s business very well,” says Norin. “To be able to combine drug development with innovation is a strong driving force in my work. Which is why having this opportunity to lead Omnio into the future is such a great honour. I look forward to taking big strides together with my colleagues towards more effective wound healing treatments.”

A development platform

Omnio is being backed by existing and new investors, but is also looking for additional capital.

“Right now we have two full-time employees in the company, but will be strengthening our organisation as we grow. We will build, among other things, a development platform that will require onsite expert consultants and staff here in Umeå,” says Norin.

Clinical trials in 2023

Omnio is currently preparing to begin production of its own drug candidate.

“The future looks very promising indeed. Omnio is entering an exciting phase in which we will produce our own recombinant plasminogen drug candidate. This has already been produced for experimental use, and production will now be scaled up and quality assured so it can be used on patients,” says Norin.

Omnio plans to begin its first clinical trials in early 2023.

Photo of Ulrika Norin