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Omnio raises 5.5 million SEK

Ulrika Norin

The company has successfully raised 5.5 million SEK in a new share issue and welcomed four new investors to the company.

The added investments make it possible for the company to now initiate its planned activities to develop recombinant plasminogen for treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, the company states.

“We are delighted with the response that we received in connection with the capital raise during this period. Both existing and new capital-strong shareholders have shown great confidence in the company,” says Omnio AB’s CEO Ulrika Norin.

A spin-off from Umeå University

Omnio AB is a spin-off from Umeå University, Sweden, focusing on wound healing. The company is based on a series of conceptual breakthroughs in plasminogen research led by Professor Tor Ny at Umeå Universitet. Omnio has shown that plasminogen is a pro-inflammatory regulator of inflammation that can be used to treat chronic wounds where inflammation is dysfunctional.

One step closer

In the new share issue the company welcomed Swedish and Dutch seasoned investors with a strong track record of investments in life science companies.

“The added investments make it possible for the company to now continue its planned activities and one step closer to bringing transformative treatment to DFU patients in need,” says Ulrika Norin.

Photo of Ulrika Norin: Omnio