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On the agenda: Big data and AI in healthcare

Nenad Tomasev and Nicola Rieke

This one-day conference on September 13th in Copenhagen combines health, big data, and AI into a Nordic context.

“This event is all about having a diverse group of people, startups, academia and corporates, come together and listen, talk, reflect and network with peers who all share an interest in the area of big data and AI within the health sector,” says Søren Jessen Nielsen, one of the organizers.

Four themes

The conference includes a theme on Big Health, with topics such as solving problems with AI, the future of the British healthcare system and what CERN can teach us about machine learning in healthcare. Another theme will be Health 2.0 and include topics like how technology is tranforming elder care, data driven machine learning in health and a panel on which trends will drive the future of health.

After lunch the day will continue with the theme AI + Health, including topics like the most important developments in ML for health, AI in healthcare – towards clinical impact, drug discovery in the era of AI. The last theme of the event is How do we usher in a new paradigm, including a panel on the ethical future of A in health.


The program includes exciting speakers at the forefront of human health and AI. For example, Nenad Tomasev, PhD, a researcher from Google Deepmind working on complex, high-dimensional and multi-modal domains, and Fred Abrahams, responsible for developing Human Right Watch’s research methodology, training research staff and conducting investigations in conflict areas around the world.

Another speaker, Irakli Beridze, from the United Nations, has more than 18 years of experience in leading highly political and complex multilateral negotiations, developing stakeholder engagement programmes and channels of communication with governments, UN agencies, international organisations, think tanks, civil society, foundations, academia, private industry and other partners on an international level. And Nicola Rieke, a solution architect at NVIDIA for deep learning in healthcare, will share her experience in the intersection of mathematics, medicine and computer science.

The event is held the iconic Glyptotek, which displays ancient and modern art in truly unique surroundings located in the heart of Copenhagen.

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Photo of Nenad Tomasev, Google Deepmind and Nicola Rieke, NVIDIA