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OnDosis completes a private placement of 75 million SEK

Martin Olovsson

Investors in the private placement include OnDosis founders AstraZeneca and Martin Olovsson and major shareholders Aeternum Capital, DIG Investment and Rydgruppen.

The private placement enables acceleration of new projects in collaboration with an unnamed license partner as well as the building of the digital platform for the company to develop and introduce closed loop disease management solutions within a range of disease areas, among them ADHD where OnDosis has an ongoing collaboration with Tiefenbacher group, states the company.

“The journey OnDosis has started, based on an idea from AstraZeneca, is exciting to follow. The technology, which is now maturing, has the potential to improve patients’ lives and to enable differentiation for combination therapies that require flexible and individual dosing,” says Tyrell Rivers, Executive Director, Corporate Development & Ventures AstraZeneca.

The financial strength to accelerate a few well-selected ones

OnDosis develops a novel approach to the administration and delivery of pharmaceuticals through a handheld device that integrates medicine with intelligent dosing and digital capabilities.

“It is very motivating to gain this level of support from our shareholders towards the product concept we are developing and the team’s mission to revolutionize the way patients take their medicines. On a personal note, I am inspired by the opportunity to support this financing round. We have a rich set of highly interesting new ideas and projects under discussion, and this gives us the financial strength to accelerate a few well-selected ones,” says Martin Olovsson, CEO, OnDosis.

Photo of Martin Olovsson, CEO, OnDosis: HR Foto