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Online Service Manages Health Records


Online health service Activemedi stores health records and sorts them into easily understandable information so they can be accessed anywhere you can connect to the Internet.

Users also can set reminders for upcoming appointments, use graphs to follow well-being trends, as well as create shared health profiles for the whole family.

“We want to empower people to take a more active approach in their own health and the health of their loved ones,” says Alireza Hasanpour, CEO and founder of Solarch, the Helsinki-based startup behind the service. “Self-care and mobility are the future.”
Besides the health database, called With Me, Activemedi also includes ICE (In Case of Emergency) gadgets and its homecare provider service Care.
The ICE emergency gadgets were launched last fall in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Fnland. These products include emergency cards and stickers equipped with QR codes as well as bracelets, keychains and stickers which incorporate NFC (Near Field Communication).

Developed in cooperation with emergency and health care professionals, the devices provide vital health information when patients are unable to provide it themselves. All medical professionals need is a Smartphone to get a fast access to patients’ emergency profile and ICE contact details.

Similarly Solarch’s Care service is aimed at bringing peace of mind to patients and their families, as well as aiding homecare professionals.

Homecare workers can use the online service to manage their daily schedules, report progress with a few clicks and access up-to-date care information such as a change to a customer’s medication. The service allows a user’s family to communicate with the caregiver and receive real-time information on the visits.

Solarch is planning to expand; it is preparing for a few pilot projects in other Nordic countries. The service has already been translated into Swedish and English.

Source: Finnfacts