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Our Spring issue is out!

Cover NLS 02 2020

Read about ongoing progress and challenges in the Nordic life science region, including common efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Nordic life science industry, just like all industries, has been affected by the crisis, but our industry also has a very important role in handling this societal crisis. We have scientists collaborating across borders and across disciplines, working long hours in the lab, sharing data and knowledge. Some companies are shifting their R&D towards compounds that might benefit COVID-19 patients, and some are increasing their critical production, or shifting it to manufacture to disinfectants. There are also genetics, screening and biobanks initiatives, grants and funding opportunities, and let’s not forget, industry organizations that are trying to speed up our decision-making processes in order to help and facilitate the task of the industries and ensuring that the supply chains are working.

In our special report on COVID-19 we have summarized some of the many ongoing Nordic efforts and we have also investigated how the different countries’ life science industries have been affected. Now more than ever, it is clear that it is critical to safeguard the Nordic life science industry and cherish its abilities both in developing life-saving treatments and in responding to a pandemic.

This issue also includes two profile interviews, with two super-engineers: Darja Isaksson, Director General of Vinnova, the Swedish government agency for innovation, who has a mission of innovation through public-private co-creation and social and economic sustainability, and Dr. Robert Langer, who turned his chemical engineering skills to medicine, becoming one of the world’s leaders in perfecting effective drug delivery systems.

This issue also includes new findings on B cells and phytoptogenetics, young academies making a stand for gender equality and cool new medtech innovations from the Nordic region. We have also found out what it is like to work as a Director of Business Development in the life science industry and we have learned more about Combinostics’, Saniona’s and InDex Pharmaceuticals’ ongoing developments. And much more!

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