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New: MCO-230AIC CO2 incubator. The next step in Cell Culturing!

Providing a precisely controlled environment for sensitive cell cultures

Delivering long-term performance, optimal cell viability and successful experiments, each Panasonic co2 incubator provides precise control of CO2 concentration and temperature, while remaining easy to operate and maintain. The MCO-230AIC CO2 incubators support a reliable, stable cell culture environment across all shelf positions, meaning each and every cell is safely maintained under ideal conditions.

Optimum protection for your cell cultures.

We know how valuable your cultures can be. Our advanced contamination control systems are designed to prevent the loss of your irreplaceable cell cultures with continuous background contamination control, all supported by a new security system.

More space for more cultures

In a laboratory environment it is important to make the most of all the space available. With new integrated shelf supports, the Panasonic MCO-230AIC CO2 incubators provide space for up to 25% more culture vessels.


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