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Are your valuable samples safely stored?

Are your valuable samples safely stored?
Ultimate security is critical for extremely valuable samples, such as those in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, research institutes or blood and tissue banks. Freezer failure requires swift, effective action to transfer precious samples to a safe, ultra-low temperaturetwinguard additional march environment – often within a matter of hours, even if a failure occurs at night.

Important questions to consider:
What measures do I have in place if my freezer fails?
Do I have all the necessary alarms and remote monitoring systems in place to alert me if my freezer fails outside of working hours?
How quickly can someone get to the freezer to move samples if the freezer fails overnight, on the weekend or during the holidays?
Do I have a spare freezer with enough capacity to transfer all my samples into if my freezer fails? Will this spare freezer be empty and ready to use at any time?
What would be the consequences if my samples were lost or no longer viable due to a freezer failure?

TwinGuard Ultra Low Temperature Freezers are specifically developed to greatly reduce this risk!
The Dual Cooling System within these ULT Freezers ­provides the highest level of protection using two independent refrigeration systems. If one ­system unexpectedly fails, the other can maintain the freezer’s temperature uniformly in the -70˚C range.

Find the complete TwinGuard ULT Freezer range here:

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