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Patent granted for Moberg Pharma’s BUPI


Moberg Pharma announces that the Canadian Patent Office has issued Patent No. 2 860 373 which protects BUPI, currently in development for pain due to oral mucositis.

The Canadian patent covers the use of a lozenge comprising a local anesthetic, e.g. bupivacaine, in a number of different indication, including treatment of pain due to oral mucositis in cancer patients. This patent is expected to provide coverage through at least 2032. Moberg Pharma has previously announced patent protection in Europe and an additional patent application is pending in the United States.

“This issuance of this patent is an important part of our overall strategy to establish a broad portfolio of patent claims to protect our proprietary products.” commented Peter Wolpert, Moberg Pharma’s CEO.


In 2016, Moberg Pharma announced positive Phase 2 results with BUPI in treating pain associated with oral mucositis in patients with head and neck cancer undergoing radiotherapy. Recently, an application for a phase 3 study has been submitted by Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Moberg Pharma’s partner, responsible for financing and implementing the current phase 3 study in India. Moberg Pharma estimates that the product has a sales potential amounting to USD 50–100 million annually, assuming successful commercialization in oral mucositis and at least one further indication.

Source: Moberg Pharma