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Patient power at Digital Health Days

Going from big data to big value and patient focus were some of the topics and features of this year’s Digital Health Days in Stockholm.

This year’s conference had three main themes. The patient in focus was the first and involved the role of the modern patient in healthcare. The second theme Big Data to Big Value was about the value that technology creates and for which actors are focusing on an ecosystem perspective. The third theme revolved around the insight of how digital health, being an important component in the solution to meet the future’s healthcare challenges, can be put into practice, as well as examples of when digital health has been implemented.

The big issue that was treated during the first conference day was patient empowerment. Sofia Svantesson was one of the speakers and has developed a digital patient test for rheumatism. Scientist Sofia Ernestam had participated in the project and highlighted that the questions in the test could help patients and their doctors to get an earlier diagnosis of the disease and its development, which helps the possibility of getting the right treatment at an earlier stage. Nick Danowski and Angus Rowe from South African Life Sense Group also participated in the conference. The two have developed a software that makes it possible to manage the administration and patient management of an entire clinic through the phone.

E-patient Dave initiated the meeting to talk about the importance of including patients in healthcare. Dave deBronkart is a cancer survivor who wants to help patients get more involved in their healthcare. Read more about Dave in Ellen R. Delisio’s article Teaching patients and doctors to work together.