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All Your Clinical Data in One Safe Place

all your clinical data in one safe place

Having control of company data is one of the most undermined complications that develop during a time for pharma companies. Clinical trials are performed in different parts of the world with different parties and all of a sudden, the data is distributed and stored in many different places making it hard to have the data accessible across sites and personnel. PCG Clinical Services, in collaboration with Zifo RnD Solutions, offer the services of gathering all clinical trial and clinical operations data in one structured accessible location. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of this service and why we think this is an investment that pays off.

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The Solution

PCG Clinical Services will help you set-up your data repository ZDR, which is a designated destination for data storage. Data from different studies are uploaded in SDTM format and stored in this repository. Data can originate from different EDC systems or from different labs but can together be visualized using the repository. This is especially useful for safety analysis, efficacy analysis, and regulatory purposes, in addition, to easily manage and monitor ongoing trials.

• ZDR understands and supports the data collection and storage on the prescribed standards of CDISC.
• ZDR facilitates interactions and faster decision-making from your data.
• ZDR ensures the data is stored correctly, is ready for data submission, and can be shared with external companies like CROs and collaboration partners.

Structured storage


Insights Through Visualized Data, seeWISE

Interact with your data with just a click. The repository has a visualization tool, seeWISE, which makes it possible to perform analysis of the data. It is also able to cater interactive visualizations instantaneously built on SDTM data, which leads to greater insights and inferences into the data and a better return on investment in the short, mid- and long-term for healthcare organizations.

The entire organization will have access to the knowledge they need, not just those services that have the budget to hire their own analyst. By pulling all of this data into a single source of organizational truth, analysts can provide reliable and repeatable reports.

Why It Pays Off

Faster time to value

Pull the data you need for specific initiatives; all data is stored in a submission ready format (CDISC). This makes it possible to achieve a much faster time to value. It will also be easier to demonstrate your products benefits and provide support to clinicians for additional analytics and quality improvement initiatives in the future.

Increase efficiency

Save time & money with a one-stop shop for all data and a place that requires only one login, to get any data in the system. This makes it easier to provide joint reports from different clinical trials.

Data is secure

With ZDR, the organization now has a central, secure repository for all data within the organization. In addition, alarms and alerts can be set for unauthorized access, giving the organization much more control over the data. ZDR is storing the original data with the GDPR certified solution by Amazon in Frankfurt.

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Interactive Reports

• Demographics

• Disposition

• Adverse Events

• Patient Profile

• Concomitant Medications

• Medical History

• Lab

• Vital Signs

Don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about this unique solution!

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