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PCI Biotech and Ultimovacs collaborates


PCI Biotech and Ultimovacs are initiating a preclinical research collaboration. The purpose of the collaboration is to utilise the companies’ complementary scientific platforms to explore potential synergies.

Both companies are situated in the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator.

The partnership is governed by a preclinical research collaboration agreement. In brief, the preclinical research collaboration will evaluate technology compatibility and synergy based on in vivo studies. The companies will evaluate results achieved from this research collaboration and then explore the potential for a further partnership.

“I’m very pleased to announce our first research agreement in the field of cancer vaccination. We believe that the PCI technology has the potential to play a role in the realisation of several new therapeutic modalities, including cancer immunotherapy. Our preclinical research with other peptide vaccines have demonstrated strong enhancement of important cellular immunity responses and we look forward to explore synergies with Ultimovacs promising vaccination technology,” says Per Walday, CEO of PCI Biotech.

“Through this preclinical collaboration we are able to explore possible synergies between our two technologies. PCI has a very promising novel technology. Our therapeutic cancer vaccine is documented in patients to activate the immune system against cancer. We find it important for small biotech companies to collaborate and explore synergistic potential when there is an underlying scientific rationale. Such collaborative efforts may further strengthen the position of Norwegian companies within immunotherapy, which has become an important cancer treatment with a fast growing market,” says Øyvind Kongstun Andersen, CEO of Ultimovacs.