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Pelago Bioscience awarded a 3.6 MSEK grant


Pelago Bioscience has been awarded a 3.6M SEK Swelife grant to use its patented CETSAâ technique to identify new oncology biomarkers to aid the treatment of childhood leukaemia.

Pelago’s CETSA MS format can be used to profile the effect of a drug on up to 6000 proteins.  This will be applied to patient blood samples and will identify ‘unique fingerprints’ associated with best clinical outcomes for each of 6 commonly used cancer drugs.  Initially this profiling will be offered as a service but further studies will identify the key components of the finger print and reduce the number of proteins that need to be assessed.  This will enable the development of a routine diagnostic assay.

“Worldwide there are around 352,000 people diagnosed with a type of leukaemia each year, and it is the most common cancer in children and teens. Working in this area, and using our CETSAâ technique to help identify new oncology biomarkers to support the treatment of children with leukaemia, has been hugely helped by the injection of grant funding from Swelife,” says CEO of Pelago Bioscience, Dr. Michael Dabrowski.