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Per Norlén is the new CEO of Evaxion

Per Norlen Photo Jenny Leyman

Evaxion Biotech has announced that its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Per Norlén has joined the company on October 3rd.

“With Per at the steering wheel, we expect to bring our promising clinical and preclinical results to the next level. Evaxion is a profoundly innovative and talented company working tirelessly to save patients’ lives. Per Norlén is joining the company as an experienced leader bringing the necessary expertise and competences to bring Evaxion from an innovative early stage to the next level. I look forward to having Per on board to help realize the vast potential from our clinical trials and create personalized therapies for cancer patients and patients suffering from other critical diseases,” says Chairman of the board, Marianne Soegaard.

Per Norlén

Per Norlén is a board-certified physician and associate professor with more than 20 years in the biotech sector, of which the last decade has been in executive leadership roles. He brings experience from being CEO of listed drug development companies. He has a proven business development track record, including major out-licensing deals with biotech and Pharma, states Evaxion.


“Evaxion has emerged from being an under-the-radar start-up to becoming a clinical stage biotech company leading the development of tailored cancer immunotherapies, individually designed for each patient. I am convinced that Evaxion is on to something extremely important that holds the potential to become a game-changer for patients with metastatic cancer. During my previous career, I have always dreamt of making the perfect drug, and I feel enormously privileged to now be part of a team that I believe is doing just that. This is clearly within reach with a newly initiated phase 2b trial in melanoma that will hopefully confirm the very promising phase 1 efficacy signals,” says Per Norlén, CEO at Evaxion.

Photo of Per Norlén: Jenny Leyman