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Pfizer faces legal threat over Lipitor

Cases of women claiming Lipitor gave them diabetes is increasing.

In 2012, lawsuits concerning Pfizer’s cholesterol fighter Lipitor began as the FDA announced a warning that statins, a type of cholesterol lowering medicines, could have negative effects on memory and could also give a slightly increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The number of lawsuits from women that have taken Lipitor and been affected by diabetes recently went up to almost a thousand, starting at around fifty. The dramatic increase is said to be that the American legal system has decided to consolidate all Lipitor diabetes lawsuits from around the country into a single Federal courtroom in Charleston, South Carolina.

Pfizer has dismissed the accusations. According to the company, women who are prescribed Lipitor to control cholesterol may share other risk factors that make them vulnerable to the disease, such as high blood pressure or obesity.

The first trials will be trials will be initiated in July 2015.