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Pfizer invests another quarter of a billion SEK in the Strängnäs facility

The investment, in the form of an expansion, is a capacity-enhancing measure in the facility that creates space to produce more drugs and vaccines.

Prior to the opening of the multi-production facility in 2009, Pfizer invested 1.5 billion SEK and has since made several investments of over half a billion kroner to expand production capacity and enable the production of more products. Now they are making another investment of 250 million SEK to further increase production capacity. The expansion started in June and is expected to be completed in 2024.

The facility is a highly automated production facility with an innovative platform technology, which provides the flexibility necessary to efficiently and quality-assuredly manufacture several different products in the same facility, describes the company. Active substances for growth hormone, growth inhibitors against acromegaly and drugs to prevent blood clots and meningococcal vaccines are manufactured here today with exports to the whole world.

This is a first step to take Pfizer in Strängnäs into the future.”

“This is a first step to take Pfizer in Strängnäs into the future, where our vision is to continue to be a strategic site for Pfizer, both for existing and future technologies. It is gratifying that Sweden is competitive in advanced manufacturing such as biotechnology, a manufacturing sector that is of great importance for Sweden’s exports today and in the future,” says Johan Carlsson, Site Lead for the facility.

Image caption: The first sod is taken for a new expansion of Pfizer’s manufacturing facility in Strängnäs. From left: Mikael Brunell, Johan Carlsson and Jakob Holmlund.