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Heavyweight Niklas Claesson adds strength to PharmaRelations

Niklas Claesson has started as Business Unit Manager Marketing and Sales in PharmaRelations and adds another 20 years to the combined experience of the PR Team.

“We searched for a dynamic leader, a strong sales person with a track record to fall back on, a vast contact net in the Nordics and ended up with Niklas. It could not be better. He has twenty years of experience within Marketing and Sales from three fantastic pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, Sanofi and Merck. He adds value to our fantastic team and will help to lift us to yet another dimension,” says Fredrik Anjou, CEO of PharmaRelations.

Niklas Claesson latest appointment was with Merck as Commercial Manager Sweden. He has filled roles as Sales Manager Diabetes Sweden within Sanofi and Brand Manager Psychiatry in Pfizer. Niklas started his career as Sales Representative CNS in Pfizer, a role he held with success for five years.

“Our team in PharmaRelations is fantastic, 150 years of combined experience in the Life Science Industry, we have so many different skills and experiences to offer, psychologists, behavioral scientists, natural scientists, sales experts, all with a strong will to meet customer needs and to deliver, enormous networks, professional and humble attitude, always striving at adding value. I am so happy to have this fantastic team, working so well together, always supporting each other, working with a team spirit, Niklas will fit so well!
Welcome Niklas,” says Fredrik Anjou.

More information about Niklas Claesson and his new role in PharmaRelations is given by

Fredrik Anjou
Mobile +46(0)70 -1652222

Niklas Claesson
Mobile +46(0)70 – 6175162

About PharmaRelations

PharmaRelations is a leading Nordic contract staffing company specializing in Life Science .We provide professionals with a high level of expertise through our Contract Staffing, Recruitment and Outsourcing services. We create added value for our clients and professional development and careers for our associates. PharmaRelations’ client base is the pharmaceutical-, medical technology & biotechnology, OTC- and dental care and animal health sectors .We are a market leader in the Nordics.


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