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Pila Pharma initiates toxicological studies

Pila Pharma has announced that the preclinical toxicological three-month studies of the active substance XEN-D0501 has begun.

Pila Pharma is, as previously announced, preparing a clinical phase 2b study of the drug candidate XEN-D0501 for type 2 diabetes. Previously, XEN-D0501 has been evaluated in both toxicological safety studies and in phase 1 and 2a clinical trials in humans with up to one month doses with very good safety results, indicating that the molecule is very well tolerated.

The new preclinical toxicological studies aims to confirm the safety of the duration of the forthcoming phase 2b study, ie three months.

“I am very pleased that we have reached another milestone within the timetable for our development plan. This is the last important step before we can begin our phase 2b study in humans,” says CEO Dorte X. Gram.

Photo of Dorte X Gram: Peter Brinch