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Pila Pharma signs manufacturing agreement

Dorte X. Gram Photo Jenny Leyman

Pila Pharma has signed a manufacturing agreement with Almac Sciences Limited, UK, for the production of XEN-D0501 active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

The availability of new API is key for conducting the planned 3 month toxicology studies, that are in turn a prerequisite for initiating the clinical phase 2b study in type-2 diabetics, states the company in a press release.

New Head of Compliance

“I am excited that we managed to finalize this contract right after the IPO when finances were secured. The scaling up of the company starting now, implies that we must also put extra focus on developing our internal structure to support the growth. Therefore, I am very pleased to inform that we have been able to attract attorney Miguel Lecumberri as Head of Compliance to support the efforts in securing a strong but flexible structure of PILA going forward,” says CEO Dorte X. Gram.

Miguel Lecumberri is a corporate lawyer specialized in compliance for life-science sector, intellectual property rights and has previously served in international law firms and has been external legal counsel for pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca, Astellas, UCB and Novo Nordisk.

Photo of Dorte X. Gram: Jenny Leyman