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Politicians want to double investments in medical research

Six out of ten Swedish parliament candidates believe that doubling the investments in medical research is a good proposition, according to a recent survey.

In the election survey conducted with parliament candidates 59 percent says yes to the question on if it’s a good proposition to double the investments in medical research so that they are equivalent of 4 Swedish cents per health care crown. The ambition would be to improve prevention, diagnostics and treatment.

The survey was conducted by the PR agency Westander. 510 politicians posted on eligible positions for the upcoming Swedish general election in the fall of 2014 were asked to answer an electronic survey. 379 answered questions posed by the foundation Forska!Sverige, Research! Sweden.


The survey also showed that a large majority among the parliament candidates in the two largest parties said yes to doubling the investments in medical research; 82 percent of the Moderate Party and 71 of the Social Democrates.

“This means that we can expect an increased investment in medical research regardless of the outcome of the general election,” said Anna Nilsson Vindefjärd, secretary general at Forska!Sverige in a press release.

Furthermore, 79 percent of the candidates also said yes to the question of whether the parliament should decide on a collective national life science strategy.
“It is great that the government has taken an initiative on a life science strategy. It is needed to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness and the health of our citizens,” says Anna Nilsson Vindefjärd.