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Portable Device Tests for Glaucoma

Icare Finland has developed a hand-held tonometer that makes it easier to measure intraoccular pressure (IOP) in the eye, not just in a doctor’s office, but anywhere.

“We manufacture mobile tonometers for optometrists, opticians, general practitioners and emergency room doctors. We also have tonometers for use at home and ones with a slightly different structure for vets,” says Icare Finland’s CEO Timo Hildén. The device also can be used in field conditions and is popular in developing countries.

Measuring IOP is an important test for detecting glaucoma, an eye condition that can lead to blindness if untreated.


Previously, measuring intra-ocular pressure required local anesthesia and even general anesthesia for children. One option has been blowing a puff of air into the eye – which is rather uncomfortable for the patient. The devices used by doctors have additionally required lengthy training.

The device’s popularity has spread abroad; 40 percent of sales are in the United States, where the company has a subsidiary. Second on the list is Japan, followed by Australia and several European countries.

Source: Icare Finland