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Positive results from Scandion Oncology and Alligator Bioscience

Søren Bregenholt

Alligator Bioscience and Scandion Oncology have announced the conclusion of their collaboration with a very positive outcome.

The purpose of the collaboration was to explore the anti-tumor efficacy of the CD40 antibody mitazalimab in chemotherapy-resistant preclinical tumor models as an addition to chemotherapy (FOLFIRINOX) combined with SCO-101. The hypothesis that was tested was to see if SCO-101, as compared to saline control will revert chemotherapy resistance and thereby facilitate a strengthening of the anti-tumor effects of mitazalimab. After the final data has been evaluated, the joint feasibility study have reached all goals of the cooperation and the companies have now concluded the collaboration.

Very valuable data

“The feasibility study supported our hypothesis and opens the door for harvesting the value of this successful study with larger players. Both Scandion Oncology and Alligator have limited resources and our joint intention was to support the hypothesis, which now has been achieved. We remain committed to further exploring the potential of SCO-101 in immuno-oncology,” says Bo Rode Hansen, President and CEO of Scandion Oncology.

”We were pleased to see that the results strengthen and expand the preclinical efficacy data for mitazalimab by demonstrating synergy with FOLFIRINOX in tumors resistant to chemotherapy. We are committed to develop mitazalimab in hard-to-treat cancer, and this data is very valuable in continuing to assess the efficacy of mitazalimab as a combination therapy with FOLFIRINOX in pancreatic cancer in our OPTIMIZE-1 phase II study,” says Søren Bregenholt, CEO of Alligator Bioscience.

The combination of mitazalimab and FOLFIRINOX

As announced in June 2021, the combination of mitazalimab and FOLFIRINOX, in pre-clinical trials, demonstrated a strong anti-tumor response in FOLFIRINOX resistant cancer cells and indicated that the anti-tumor effect of SCO-101, mitazalimab and FOLFIRINOX is even more potent than mitazalimab and FOLFIRINOX. The data support the basic concept that SCO-101 in combination with chemotherapy and immuno-oncology is well tolerated and has a very potent anti-tumor effect in vivo on drug resistant cancer cells. The data further validate the potential of mitazalimab in combination with standard of care chemotherapy such as FOLFIRINOX.

Photo of Søren Bregenholt: Alligator Bioscience