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Positive results from Moberg Pharma trial

Moberg Pharma reports positive clinical data for Kerasal Nail/ Emtrix showing that it produces a visible improvement after just one week for nails affected by onychomycosis and/or nail psoriasis.

The early effects of treatment with Kerasal Nail/ Emtrix (K101-03) on nails affected by onychomycosis and/or nail psoriasis were investigated in an open-label, multicenter clinical trial of 103 patients. The results show that as many as 76% of patients experienced a visible improvement after just one week, a figure which rose to 92% after eight weeks; this is the study’s primary endpoint. In the group with nail psoriasis, 94% of the patients showed visible improvement after eight weeks.

“The successful results from patients with nail psoriasis, and for the study as a whole, make a stronger selling point for Kerasal Nail/ Emtrix, something which is of great importance for future efforts in all markets,” says Peter Wolpert, CEO of Moberg Pharma.


The clinical trial was carried out at eight study sites in Italy in 2016. The results will be presented at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology Congress (EADV) in Geneva on September 13–17, 2017 and are being published now in the journal Dermatology under the title Early visible improvements during K101-03 treatment: an open-label multicenter clinical investigation in patients with onychomycosis and/or nail psoriasis.