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Positive results from Photocure


Photocure reports that a prospective controlled study investigating the introduction of Blue Light Cystoscopy (BLC) with Hexvix at first presentation in patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) in routine clinical practice has been published in the World Journal of Urology.

The overall recurrence rates at 3 years were significantly less in patients who received BLC with Hexvix(39.0%) compared to an optimized White Light Cystoscopy (WLC) resection (53.3%; p=0.02). The benefit on the recurrence rate was most pronounced in patients with high-risk disease of (52.1% recurrence at year 3 with BLC with Hexvix versus 80% with WLC; p=0.01).

In this investigator initiated and independent real-life experience study, conducted at a single center in the UK data were prospectively collected on all new patients over 4 years on all new tumour resections. Of 345 patients with resection meeting strict “good quality criteria”, 135/153 who underwent resection with white light (WLC) and 146/192 patients who underwent resection guided by BLC with Hexvix were assessed and compared for recurrence at 3 years.

“These long-term recurrence rate results from this high quality prospective real-life experience study are extremely reassuring.  They reinforce the results from randomized clinical trials and show that BLC with Hexvix/Cysview provides long-term benefits in real-life clinical settings for NMIBC patients. The results also strengthen the recommendation to use BLC with Hexvix/Cysview for all first bladder cancer resections,” says Kjetil Hestdal, M.D., Ph.D., President and CEO, Photocure ASA.