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Positive study results from Scandion Oncology

Bo Rode Hansen

The company reports positive results from the dose-finding part 1 of the CORIST Phase II study.

A well tolerated dose of SCO-101 in combination with the chemotherapy regimen FOLFIRI has been determined and the SCO-101 treatment in the optimized combination resulted in notable potentiation of the biological activity of FOLFIRI, states the company in a press release. Furthermore, the CORIST study has identified the oncogene RAS as a predictive biomarker, which will be used to optimize the inclusion of patients in part 2. These positive data, have significantly de-risked the further development of SCO-101 and the company is now ready to advance to the proof-of-concept study (part 2) of CORIST, it states.

“The interim CORIST data support our development plans for SCO-101 and at the same time pioneer the important perspectives around the platform potential of SCO-101, where we revert cancer drug resistance in various cancer diseases. We are looking forward to utilizing these learnings in our overall aim of building value for the patients, society and shareholders,” says Bo Rode Hansen, President & CEO at Scandion Oncology.


The CORIST study

The CORIST Phase II study is aimed at combating cancer drug resistance in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) with acquired resistance to the chemotherapy regimen FOLIFRI. The patients enrolled in the trial have all failed prior standard chemotherapy due to resistance and have entered a terminal stage of their disease.

“We are satisfied finding a safe dose of SCO-101 in combination with FOLFIRI which displays biological activity in the patients and also favorably changes the adverse effects of the chemotherapy. We are further excited to have identified RAS as a predictive biomarker in the study. This enables us to tailor the treatment to patients who tolerate the treatment best and thereby have a higher likelihood to benefit from the treatment,” says Peter Michael Vestlev, CMO at Scandion Oncology.

Photo of Bo Rode Hansen: Scandion Oncology