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Probi signs deal with Seoul Milk for probiotic strains

Swedish Probi has signed a deal with Korean Seoul Milk to include probiotic strains in their dairy products.

The biotech company Probi signs a licensing and supply deal with the Korean dairy producer Seoul Milk. This is the first time Probi signs a deal for probiotic dairy products. Probi’s probiotic strain LP299V will be included in Seoul Milk’s products on the market by the end of 2015.

Known for ProViva

Probi is a bioengineering company founded in Sweden, researching and developing probiotics for food products and supplements. Probi is best known for its probiotic fruit drinks sold under ProViva. Seoul Milk is the largest supplier of dairy products in Korea and also sells drinks including fruit juices.

Probi to expand with probiotic strains on the Asian market

CEO of Probi Peter Nählstedt said in a press release on October 20 that the company is looking forward to launching the first food product to contain Probi’s probiotics in the important and growing Asian market. Probi has previously established themselves on the Korean market with food supplements.

CEO Peter Nählstedt