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Promising preclinical mRNA vaccine data from Evaxion

Evaxion Biotech and Pantherna Therapeutics have announced preclinical proof of concept for the combination of the two companies’ key technologies.

The preclinical data demonstrate that tumor neoantigens identified by Evaxion’s AI platform, PIONEER, drive a strong immune response and lead to complete inhibition of tumor growth in a preclinical model when delivered using Pantherna’s lipid nanoparticle mRNA platform.

“This opens up many opportunities”

“We are extremely pleased with the preclinical data that clearly demonstrate the potential for our combined technologies. The data provide further evidence that immunogenic sequences identified by Evaxion’s AI platforms are able to drive a relevant immune response on multiple vaccine platforms, including mRNA. This opens up many opportunities in our current and future immuno-oncology and infectious disease programs,” says Birgitte Rønø, CSO at Evaxion.

In continuation of these positive findings, Evaxion and Pantherna will further explore optimal LNP formulations to effectively deliver mRNA and DNA-encoded antigens identified by Evaxion’s AI platforms.

Photo of Birgitte Rønø: Evaxion